Melonie Park South Pool Rental

The MPS pool and clubhouse is located at 3502 74th Street.  The 178,000 gallon pool has a diving board at the deep end.  Seventy five swimmers can be easily accommodated. The shallow end of the pool is about 2 feet deep. Water temperature is set at 83 degrees.  It is continually filtered and monitored for ph and chlorine levels to assure maximum cleanliness.  Lifeguards are always on duty during pool operation.

Available pool rental times are from 7 P.M. daily to as late as 10 P.M. Food items may be brought into the pool area for your party with the exception of any glass items or grills.  There is a patio adjoining the pool where grills may be used.
A circular “baby” pool of 10 feet across and about 12 inches deep is available at the south end of the big pool.

The pool and/or clubhouse are available for rent on a first-come- first served basis to both homeowners and non-homeowners alike.  Click here for information and rental agreement.

Pool Rental Costs
Daily rental $150 + lifeguard + deposit
Daily rental $300 + lifeguard + deposit
MPS employed Lifeguards are mandatory with a 2-lifeguard 2-hour minimum for each party. Guards hourly fees are $12.50 per guard. Guards for Monday parties are $25 per hour.

Melonie Park South Party House Rental

The party house is a 19X31 foot room with central heat and air conditioning. It also has a full kitchen with refrigerator/freezer, stove, double sink with counter tops and two restrooms. It can be rented by homeowners and non-homeowners.

It is available any time of day depending on availability. You must leave the facility clean, just the way you found it. There are no cleaning supplies available to renter. A $350 refundable deposit is required for non MPS residents and residents alike. Guests are welcome to use all tables and chairs. Guests must do their own set-up and break-down before and after their event. All trash must be collected and taken to the dumpster across the alley, directly to the south of the clubhouse at the conclusion of your event.  Failure to leave the clubhouse clean like you found it or any damage done will result in forfeit of you deposit. You will be required to sign a rental agreement. See Rental agreement and cleanup checklist.

Included are:

  • 50 stackable chairs
  • 12 card tables
  • 6 2.5X6 foot folding tables

Party House Rental Costs:
$150 per day + deposit
$300 per day + deposit

Payment must be received ten days before your party date is confirmed.  Money collected for rental is not deposited until after the party in case of inclement weather or other causes for cancellation.

Rental Form

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